My Own Personal Brand is a company that allows you to create your own personal clothing brand through their tailor made clothing.

The company was started by one of Australia's Leading Image Consultants, Annalisa Armitage AICI CIP owner of My Image Consultant, who found that the clothes she was recommending to her clients were often hard to find.

Annalisa found that very few colours were available in retail stores especially for suits and jackets as retailers were mostly stockings blacks and other neutral colours. Another problem was the fabrics available for suits and especially womens suits were very limited, and often very cheap synthetic fabrics were used. The other problem was getting exactly the right styles to highlight the features and hide the flaws of all the different body shapes she came accross in her work.

To get the best possible options for her clients Annalisa went on a world wide search to find the best available tailoring services, so that she could provide a tailoring services that was priced at around the same level as quality off the rack clothes.

This solution solved all the problems of retail shopping, with a large range of fabrics, unlimited range of styles and an unlimited size range Annalisa can now effectively dress everyone without compromise.

After setting up the tailoring service for her own clients she realised that there has to be a lot of other people out there that are having the exact same problems and that is when she decided to set up My Own Personal Brand.

Our philosophy is 100% satisfaction even if it costs us money. We want all our customers to be thrilled with their purchases and nothing else will do.

Our goals are to make shopping for clothes easier, always enjoyable, and for our clients to always get clothes that not only fit them but also look great.

Most men and a lot of women hate shopping in retail stores, the pressure they feel from shop assistants is mostly to blame. We aim to alleviate that pressure and help people find exactly what they want and what they need.

To make an appointment visit our contacts page, you can either email or call and we will ensure you are well looked after.

Hi Annalisa, The suits are excellent and I really appreciate all the effort from both you and Adam to get them just right.


Lisa Oct 2011