How long does it take to receive the garment?
It takes around 4 weeks for the suit to be made once a deposit has been paid. If adjustments are required after the first fitting then it may take a few more days to complete.

What happens if it doesn’t fit ?
We don’t expect the suit to fit perfectly on the first fitting, there may need to be some adjustments before you take your suit home. If the suit is unlikely to fit after adjustment, then a new suit will be made, this rarely happens but it is nice to know that we will go to any lengths to ensure the perfect fit.

What if I don’t like the garment when I see it?
It is very important to choose carefully but ultimately it is a risk you have to take, that is why we have a professional image consultant to help you with all the choices available. The image consultant will guide you on colours that suit you, styles that suit your body shape and options that suit your personality and the purpose of the garment.

Can you make something to my design?
My Own Personal Brand is all about your design, there are some limitations to what we can do, however we will try to accommodate you as much as we possibly can.

What are the fabrics made from?
For suits we have mostly fine wool fabrics with some cashmere and silk blends, and some wool blends have a small amount of synthetic materials to give garments a longer lasting appeal.

Can I see and feel the fabrics before making a decision?
Yes we have swatches for all the fabrics we offer. You can see and feel them before making  a choice.

Where are your garments made?
We are an Australian owned and operated company, when you deal with us you are dealing directly with Australians, and all garments pass through our stringent quality control, however, as making handmade garments is a labour intensive process to enable us to keep our prices low, our suits and shirts are all made off-shore, some in Shanghai and others in Thailand.