Women's Tailor Made Suits

We offer high quality custom made ladies suits, with high quality luxury fabrics, fine workmanship, expert advice and unparalleled service.

  • highest quality
  • tailor made
  • professional advice from an unbiased image consultant
  • Australian company
  • guaranteed quality
  • guaranteed fit
  • your own personal brand
  • huge range of luxury fabrics

Are you a unique person looking for your own style? Are you having trouble finding what you want in the shops? Is it time you had your own personal brand?

Why do we compromise our taste for what is available? Why do we compromise fit? Why do we compromise on fabrics? Retail shopping took over from custom made clothes mainly due to the cost. Retailers could buy in bulk from factories for a fraction of the cost of custom made clothes, so cheap were off the rack clothes that tailors could no longer compete.

But things have now changed again, the price of the high end retail brands are more expensive than tailor made. The cost of marketing a brand, the cost of retail rents, and the cost of staffing a shop have made retail very expensive, without any of the advantages of tailor made clothes, in fact the compromises people make with their clothes is insane.

Making the correct decisions when buying tailor made is one of the hardest parts to get right, because you can't see the garment on before you commit to buying it. That is why, especially for people who are unaccustomed to buying custom made, it is essential that a professional unbiased image consultant is there to help you choose the options. There expertise in body shape, colour analysis and the ability to define your style in words are all essential parts of getting the right suit for you.

Our suits Start at $990, for a pure merino wool super 110s two piece suit, fully lined with pure silk, you have the choice of either a pants suits or a skirt suit in a large range of fabrics. Most options are at no extra cost.

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