Image consultants are experts at creating an image for an individual. They will first analyse your skin and hair colouring, then your body shape, both horizontal and vertical, then they will analyse your personality and your purpose for dressing. From all this analysis they can tell what styles and colours will suit you best, and hence be able to design a personal brand that really suits YOU!

  • unbiased professional advice
  • fully qualified
  • fully trained
  • free personal branding
  • full range of services

Our image consultants are also trained in taking measurements and designing clothes that make sense, they are up to date with the latest fashions and therefor are the best placed professionals to help you create your own personal brand.

Unbiased Professional Advice
Have you ever been told you look great in something only to get it home and find out it looks terrible on you, shop assistants are totally biased when it comes to recommending you a garment because their only concern is making the sale.

We ensure that the advice given by our image consultants is totally unbiased and impartial by ensuring that they are not restricted in any way in what they advise you to wear.

With custom made clothes each garment is uniquely yours, with available choices that add up to what is millions of possible variations. Unlike a shop assistant who is restricted to what they have in stock our image consultants are unconstrained, and that makes for perfectly unbiased advice.

Once you have chosen your image consultant and you are happy with the service they provide, they are available for many other services. You may wish to go shopping with them for totally unbiased and professional advice when buying retail. So our image consultantants are just as likely to take you to the retail shops then sell you a suit, it doesn't matter to them one way or the other. That is why we can gaurantee unbiased advice.

Image Consultants offer a large range of sercies, they can go through your wardrobe with you to help you put outfits together or to help you weed out the things you don’t need any more. They often do colour consultations, coaching you on what your best colours are and how to choose colours that suit you best. Ask your image consultant for a list of the services they provide.

The job of our Image consultants is to create a personal brand for you. A personal brand, when complete is a definition of your unique style, where your colour, contrast, and style preferences as well as your measurements are defined. Once you have a personal brand, shopping becomes very easy, you just choose from the fabrics available in your brand, that's it.

Using an image consultant and having impartial advice is a godsend, to many people it has changed their lives.

I loved the whole session we had when choosing my suits, it was so much fun, nothing like I expected. The colour consult was a terrific eye opener for me and I felt we were working together as a team to put together a look just for me.

Thank you so much Annalisa. I can't wait to see my new suit.

Danica Oct 2011