As all our uniforms are custom made to your exact measurements we can cater for company sizes from as little as 2 staff members.

  • consistancy
  • confidence
  • influence
  • shows who you are
  • gives you control over how other people perceive you

Consistency is a very important component when branding your company,for Commercial Brands the marketing group sets rules around how the general public interacts with the brand, for example: Mercedes Benz, the consistent way they present their brand gives you, the customer, an insight into the quality of their product. In that same way your company brand requires consistancy and the way your staff are dressed when they meet the public is a part of your company brand. We at My Own Personal Brand understand this more than most, and consistency in quality and fit across all sizes is something we can deliver, allowing you to have confidence that your staff are consistantly displaying the professional image your brand requires.

Confidence does not arrise merely from the way you are dressed, however, if you are not dressed well it can errode confidence.

For you as an individual to be memorable and influential, you need to create a personal brand that is consistent. Having your clothes custom made with a consistent look that incorporates who you are, your personality, your style and your individuality will give you superior memorability and give you the control over how people perceive you.

  • Australian Company
  • Experienced and Professional Image Consultants
  • Highest Quality Fabrics
  • All Made by Highly Skilled Tailors
  • Small orders available for as little as 2 staff
  • Designed to Suit your Company Brand

We provide high quality made-to-measure large and small order uniforms, for women and men. Our uniforms are exclusively for office workers and include suits, jackets, skirts, dresses, shirts, and trousers. All high quality and made to measure.

Why is quality and fit important when buying uniforms? As Image Consultants, we believe it is important to supply uniforms that your staff are going to love wearing. You know for yourself, if you look good and feel good in what you are wearing it changes your whole outlook for the day. It gives you confidence and the day seems to go so much better.

It is not an accident that this happens, confidence in what you are wearing, gives you confidence in what you are doing, and confidence breeds success.

You company brand is reflected in all your staff that meet the public,