Choosing a suit is not all about getting the best service and best advice; it is also about getting the best product. Our worldwide search for the best tailors and the best fabrics has enabled us to provide a product that is second to none.

  • highest quality
  • tailor made
  • personalised service
  • Australian company
  • guaranteed quality
  • guaranteed fit
  • your own personal brand

You can compare the quality of the workmanship to the best in world, right down to the detail of the button holes and interior lining, and the quality of the fabrics, from the finest wool and cashmere to the finest buttons, felts(for collar backs) and silk(for lining).

You can compare our product with any product from any tailor in Australia or anywhere in the world and you will not find a better product.

A quality suit drapes perfectly across a man’s chest, back and shoulders, and this comes down to the quality of the interlinings and shoulder padding as well as the fit. Our men’s suits are are made with the finest German canvas interlinings to give a superior drape, where our ladies suits don’t drape as much as hug your body, cut to your shape to flatter you in every possible way.

Each suit is hand cut from your own personal pattern, which is created by the Master-Tailor, the garments are then hand-crafted under the supervision of a Master-Tailor, with the correct measurements, photographs and the skill of the Master-Tailor the garment ussually fits first go, however, each customer has up to three fittings, more if required to ensure the garment fits perfectly.

Your own personal brand with the best products, the best service, the best fit and the best advice at a price less than half as much as a comparable suit off the rack in David Jones or Myer why would you shop anywhere else?

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