We offer custom handmade sports coats and jackets including overcoats with high quality fabrics and expert craftsmanship. We have a huge range of fabrics to choose from including pure wool, cashmere and wool blends, and silk and wool blends.

  • highest quality
  • huge range of fabrics
  • professional unbiased advice from an image consultant
  • Australian company
  • guaranteed fit
  • your own personal brand

Getting a jacket or coat made is not all about quality and choice it is about getting the right jacket for you. That is where our professional image consultants help. You get quality and detailed advice that will help you design the right jacket for you.

Our image consultants can analyse your complexion and advise on the best colours and fabrics for you. They can advise on what styles are best for your body shape and they can even advise you on different options that you may want depending on your personality and the purpose you want to use your jacket for.

As with all our garments, our jackets and coats are guaranteed to fit, even after you have taken it home you can still bring it back and we will have it adjusted to fit correctly.

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