Highest quality custom made to measure shirts, a great range of the highest quality cottons, and we pay attention to all the finer details:

  • highest quality
  • great range
  • stripes that line up
  • single needle stitching
  • 20 stitches per inch
  • monograms
  • guaranteed fit

We always match up the stripes so everything lines up. When two pieces of fabric meet we ensure that the stripes match up when it is appropriate, it is a detail that takes more time and effort, but the finish is worth it.

Instead of using the faster more convenient double needle technology, we sew everything with a single needle so the fabric doesn’t pucker, it is more time consuming but results in a superior finish.

All the seams are sewn with 20 stitches for every inch, which is the highest in the industry. It allows for stronger, super fine seams.

Our collars are all hand made to ensure a perfect shape, and you have the choice of hand pick stitching on the collars and cuffs to create a look that is individual. The pick stitching really gives a shirt a sophisticated look.

As another feature often seen on custom shirts, you have the choice of putting a monogram on the shirt, there is a range of fonts, and there are options on the placement of the monogram.
A large range of collars and cuffs allows you to create a shirt that is either fairly standard or something that is really unique.

Contrasting materials are another option, allowing you to make your shirt and your brand unique. You can have them inside your collars, cuffs and front placket or you can have the entire cuff or collar in a contrasting material. High end business shirts traditionally have a white collar and cuff, (Hence the term white collar worker) it looks very smart with many of our shirt fabrics.

The last button hole on our shirts is made horizontal, to give a tiny bit more room if required at the hip.

We use a split yoke, which replicates the slope of the shoulder. The yoke is at the shoulder on the back of the shirt, mostly they are in one piece, but for a finer fit we prefer to split the yoke down the centre, once again it is more work for the tailor and it only makes a small difference, but all the little things add up to a shirt that is far superior.