Tailor Made for Tall and Curvy

Are you tired of compromise? Wouldn't it be great if you could have clothes designed and made specifically for your body? Wouldn't you love to have input into the design of your clothes with the help of design experts? At My Own Personal Brand we can do all of these things.

  • highest quality
  • tailor made
  • professional advice from an unbiased image consultant
  • Australian company
  • guaranteed quality
  • guaranteed fit
  • your own personal brand
  • huge range of luxury fabrics

Are you a unique person looking for your own style? Are you having trouble finding what you want in the shops? Are you fiding you have to compromise too much? No matter what size you are we can make beautiful clothes that fit you perfectly. In fact forget about the word size altogether it is totally irrelivant when buying custom made clothes.

Why do larger women have to comprimise so much with off the rack clothing? Because clothing manufacturers try to fit as many people as possible by making all parts of a garment large, but they end up fitting nobody well. For Larger women it is almost impossible to accentuate your assets with off the shelf clothing. Custom clothing is so liberating, no more compromising, you can easily accentuate your assets and minimise your flaws with custom clothing designed by professional image consultants.

Making the correct decisions when buying custom made is one of the hardest parts to get right, because you can't see the garment on before you commit to buying it. That is why, especially for people who are unaccustomed to buying custom made, it is essential that a professional unbiased image consultant is there to help you choose the options. They're expertise in body shape, colour analysis and the ability to define your style in words are all essential parts of getting the right clothes for you.

Are you sick of compromising on quality fabrics? Well start to imagine wearing pure silk lined, wool/cashmere garments, that don't only feel fantastic, they look fabulous too.

Is custom made expensive? Our clothes are compatible with quality retail stores and a lot less expensive than some of the high end stores in the city. You have to pay descent money to look good at any size, but our prices are not extravagant by any standards.

Our quality custom made garments are for corporate women. We do suits, jackets, skirts, waistcoats, coats, dresses and trousers.

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